Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New features:

Graphs! Now you can see a graph of your best projected One Rep Max performance over time for each exercise.

Also- a date selector to allow you to add previous sets. By default, new sets will get today's date unless you specify otherwise.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Ok some big updates tonight. Now there is a mission statement on the front page, and cardio sets are available once you log in. Graphs are on the way.

What We Do is designed to let you track your fitness progress from session to session. Using the widely accepted one-rep projected maximum (1-RM) Epley Equation, we compute your ultimate progress for each excercise, regardless of varying weights or repetetions, and store all of your sets with bests shown in red. To enter a set, simply select a workout from one of the two drop-down lists below and and fill in the appropriate fields. Intensity is a user- defined number between one and ten denoting the difficulty of each excercise. Warmups or sets with an intensity of less than seven will be stored, but will not affect a user's all-time bests.

What We Hope To Do
Just about every time you log-in or visit the site expect to see something new. Although the site is still in its infancy, we have a myriad of ideas about where we'd like to go with it. Eventually, we hope getfitright will function as a complete social networking site like a facebook or myspace, but specifically designed for a community of healthy and active young adults. Like other networking sites, getfitright will soon allow users to create full profiles, sharing with other users as much or as little about their fitness goals, achievements and plans as they would like, as well as pictures and personal messages. Not only will you be able to enter and store workouts, but you will also have the option to track diet and supplement intake as well. You will be able to join clubs and groups, see the profiles of other users at your designated home gym, contribute to forums, send messages, get fitness and form tips, consult personal trainers, and generate graphs of your overall progress. While we do not advocate any particular weight training or weight loss programs, we hope that by providing you with a simple way to record and track your efforts we will ultimately motivate you to continue your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

What You Should Do
Of course, the site is still very much in the planning stages. We have ideas, and we assume that you do too. If you have a request to add an excercise, a suggestion about the website as a whole, or even just a comment please don't hesitate to send an email to the address on the page. Over the next few weeks we will be asking for a lot of user input, from how the site should look to what functionality we should prioritize (I promise cardio workouts will be added by the beginning of next week.) So check the site often and don't forget to enter all your sets!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I've created a new website

This website aims to provide weight training progress monitoring for the masses.

You enter sets of an exercise as you do them, and it groups them together by exercise session and allows you compare sets of different amounts of weight and reps by using a One Rep Max projection.

For example, if your best set of Bench Press is 200lbs for 10 reps one week, and you do 220lbs for 7 reps the next week, it is difficult to tell whether you have made any progress.

By giving an accurate approximation of your One Rep Max, this is clear. In the first case, you "projected" 266lbs. In the second you have projected 270.82lbs, thus you have gotten almost 5 pounds stronger.

This is not to say that you will then be able to do 270.82lbs on the next set, the same day. Rather, this tells you that if you had attempted to do 1 rep of 270.82lbs it would be the same difficulty as what you did.

Naturally, after doing 1 hard set, you will probably be able to do less with each new set. This is why only considers your best sets for each exercise, each time you go the gym.